SEMINAR; Prof. Annalisa Chiocchetti, University of Eastern Piedmont: ”Is precision medicine the answer to disease treatment?“, 20.06.2024 at 13:00, Kolar lecture hall

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Prof Annalisa Chiocchetti – Seminar

Precision medicine is a groundbreaking approach to disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person. This method stands in contrast to the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to medicine, where treatments and medications are developed with the average patient in mind. Nevertheless, we are far from it, and continued research, investment in healthcare infrastructure and policies are essential for realizing the full potential of this approach. This will take a long time and will not be achievable by 2030 as initially hoped. Great efforts have been undertaken to identify alternative approaches. One, involves organ on chip technology, that allows to model individual variability on a small 3D cell culturing platform. Will this be the answer to the huge unmet clinical need of selecting the right drug for the right patient? A tentative response in this lecture.

Prof Annalisa Chiocchetti, PhD in Biology and in Medicine, full Professor of Immunology at University of Eastern Piedmont. She has documented experience in immunology and in the development and pre-clinical characterization (in-vitro, in vivo on animal models and clinical trials) of recombinant proteins and antibodies for immune system modulation (switching on and off). She has expertise in high-throughput analysis. Supervisors of 15 PhD students and several Master thesis. Scopus Author ID: 6603151027 H-Index 24, 1542 citations.