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20 Oct: New projects within the framework of the ERA-MIN3 call

dr. Tomaž Tomše and dr. Petra Jenuš from the Department of Nanostructured Materials K7 participated in the international tender ERA-MIN3: Transnational Call 2023 RAW MATERIALS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY with their projects SIREN – Rapidly sintered re-engineered Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets based on recycle content (Tomše) and GENIUS – Greener permanent magnets without or with less critical raw materials (Jenuš) ranked first and second out of 45 applications from around the world that were included in the evaluation. Both projects are aimed at environmentally improved technologies and at the same time increasing the recycling of permanent magnets, without which we cannot imagine the operation of electric motors or of wind turbine generators. With this, both projects will make a significant contribution to the green transition strategies. Both projects are also the only projects accepted for financing in which a Slovenian institution participates or is coordinated. Congratulations! Figure: Magnetic…

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28 Sep: Researchers’ Night on 29.9.2023

Researchers’ Night on 29.9.2023, from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM at the IJS Gallery, main building. We invite you to an exciting journey into the world of physics and chemistry, where we will explore the behaviour of materials through various experiments. Our adventure will also take us into the enchanting realm of magic sand, magnets and materials at the microscopic level. Additionally, we will have a unique opportunity to visit an electron microscope, which will open the doors to the mysterious world in miniature that is invisible to the eye. Join us on this journey and experience the magic of the microscopic world! 😊