12 May: JSI meeting on catalysts synthesis, characterization and applications, 25.05.2023, 9:00-16.30 o’clock, Lecture hall JSI

JSI meeting on catalysts synthesis, characterization and applications – 25.05.2023 The scope is to organize a workshop where we would like to connect knowledge from various research areas at JSI with the goal of combining efforts in related/complementary fields. Talks are invited and will cover: – different methods for catalysts synthesis such as, but not limited, wet chemistry, anodic oxidation, electro deposition, magnetron sputtering, etc. – characterization techniques to evaluate morphology, composition, crystal structure, including various physicochemical properties as, but not limited, UV-VIS, XPS, SEM, TEM, XRD, Raman, EPR, etc. – catalyst in the working environment as performance measurements or modeling under different catalytic conditions for applications in various fields including, but not limited, to organic pollutant and microplastic removal, water splitting, CO2 reduction, etc. The aim of this workshop is to synchronize activities towards large European or/and national research project. Organizers: Belisa Alcantara Marinho, Matejka Podlogar, Sašo Šturm –…

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18 Apr: Winner of Best Talk Award 2023 of BioNanoMed conference: Dr. Nina Kostevšek

🥇 Congratulations to Nina Kostevsek from the Jozef Stefan Institute (Ljubljana, Slovenija) on winning the best talk award for the presentation “Magneto-Erythrocyte Membrane Vesicles as T2 MRI Contrast Agents” of the session “Nanotechnology for Imaging, Sensing and Diagnostics” at the BioNanoMed2023 conference! NanoMedicine-Austria chair Sebastian Schwaminger (Medical University of Graz) and coordinator Susanne Resch (BNN) were pleased to hand over the Best Talk Award 2023 to the winner! Thanks to all excellent speakers and contributors, we enjoyed a highly interesting conference in Graz and are already looking forward to the next edition of the BioNanoMed conference.