JSI meeting on catalysts synthesis, characterization and applications, 25.05.2023, 9:00-16.30 o’clock, Lecture hall JSI

JSI meeting on catalysts synthesis, characterization and applications – 25.05.2023

The scope is to organize a workshop where we would like to connect knowledge from various research areas at JSI with the goal of combining efforts in related/complementary fields.

Talks are invited and will cover:

– different methods for catalysts synthesis such as, but not limited, wet chemistry, anodic oxidation, electro deposition, magnetron sputtering, etc.

characterization techniques to evaluate morphology, composition, crystal structure, including various physicochemical properties as, but not limited, UV-VIS, XPS, SEM, TEM, XRD, Raman, EPR, etc.

– catalyst in the working environment as performance measurements or modeling under different catalytic conditions for applications in various fields including, but not limited, to organic pollutant and microplastic removal, water splitting, CO2 reduction, etc.

The aim of this workshop is to synchronize activities towards large European or/and national research project.

Organizers: Belisa Alcantara Marinho, Matejka Podlogar, Sašo Šturm – K7

and Špela Stres – U1, Levin Pal, Tomaž Lutman – U7, Marjeta Trobec, Maša Rener – U9

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Invited lectures


9h00 – Opening

Session I – Synthesis of catalysts – 15 min presentation – 10 min questions

9:10 – Synthesis of Ti, O-based nanostructures for catalytic applications – Polona Umek, F5

9:35 – Deposition of HEA thin films with PVD methods – Aljaž Drnovšek, F3

10:00 – Modeling physicochemical processes at surfaces relevant to heterogeneous catalysis – Anton Kokalj, K3

10:25 – coffee break 20 min


Session II – Characterization of catalysts – 10-15 min presentation – 10 min questions

10:45 – Spectroscopic recognition of structural defects and their impact on metal-oxide nanocatalysts – Vasyl Shvalya, F6

11:10 – The use of HPLC-MS for the identification of by-products generated during the catalytic oxidation of organic compounds – Dušan Žigon, O2

11:35 – Advanced transmission electron microscopy for the study of catalysts– Sorour Semsari Parapari, K7

12:00 – lunch break 45 min

Session III – Catalyst in the working environment for various applications

12:45 – SrTiO3/Bi4Ti3O12 nanoplatelets as effective photocatalysts for hydrogen evolution – Marjeta Maček Kržmanc, K9

13:10 – Photocatalytic degradation of textile fiber-based microplastics – Matejka Podlogar, K7

13:35 – Electrification of chemical conversion reactions by magnetic heating of catalysts – Sašo Gyergyek, K8

14:00 – coffee break 20 min

14:20 – Hybrid HEA-HEO catalyst for highly efficient oxygen evolution reaction – Suraj Gupta, K9

14:45 – Low-cost nanocatalysts for water electrolysis: A case of amorphous metal borides – Belisa Alcantara Marinho, Barbara Ljubec Božiček, K7

15:10 – Atomic force microscopy for the characterization of catalyst materials – Hana Uršič, K5

Session IV – Innovating Together:

15:35 Drafting Future EU Research Projects on Catalysts at JSI – Špela Stres, Levin Pal and Tomaž Lutman


16:30 – End of the event