Processing Equipment

3D printer, CeraFab S65, LITHOZ
  • Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing
  • Lateral resolution: 40 µm
  • Layer thickness: 10 – 100 µm
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1.05 x 0.85 x 1.78m
HAGE Industrial Material Extrusion Printer Model 140L – modified for metal and ceramic print

Large XL – Built chamber (up to 700mm x 500mm x 400mm)
High friction feeding dual-print head with 2 nozzles
Extruder temperature up to 450°C; suitable for most commercial available filaments
Layer thickness from 0,05 mm
Additional Vermes thermoplastic 3D printing system

High Temperature Furnace, Astro Division

Thermal Technologies Inc.
Maximum temperature: 2400 °C
Atmosphere: air, Ar, vacuum

Tube and muffle furnaces

Nabertherm Inc.
Chamber furnace: up to 1600 °C
Tube furnaces: up to 1500 °C
Operating atmosphere: air, Ar

Mini Spray Drier

Büchi B-290 with Inert Loop B-295
For preparation of fine powders from solutions or suspensions (water based or with organic solvents) by spray drying
For microencapsulation
Evaporation capacity: 1.0 l/h H2O, higher for organic solvents
Tmax input: 220 °C
Spray gas: compressed air or nitrogen, 200-1000 l/h, 5-8 bar

High-pressure Sievert’s apparatus

Hydrogen absorption from gas-phase.
Hydrogen pressure: from 0.05 mbar – 50 bar
Temperature range: room T – 800 °C
Optionally, other gases can be applied!

Glove Box

Braun MB150B-G
For handling sensitive powders in an oxygen-free, moisture-free atmosphere
Oxygen content: < 1 ppm
Moisture content: < 1 ppm

Photocatalysator/sterilisator/incubator with cooling type: I-265 CKUV

Temperature range: -10 °C to 100 °C without lights
3 types of lights:
– UVC 264 nm
– Solar spectrum without UVC
– Gauss spectrum (300 nm – 400 nm)
For sterilisation, photocatalysis, organism growth.

Open Heating Bath Circulator

Julabo ED 19A
Temperature range: 20-60 °C
Proportional with integral and derivative temperature control (PID)
Temerature stability: +/- 0.03 °C
Display resolution: 0.1 °C
Heater capacity: 2000 W
Pump capacity: pressure (0.35 bar), flow rate (15 l/min)
Filling volume: 19 l

Anodisation apparatus

Setup for anodization of Al2O3 and TiO2 templates.

Vacuum low- tCeramic vacuum pressing furnace UGIN LECTRA Press

90 programs for firing ceramics
Heating rate: 0 to 200 °C/min
Final temperature: 0 to 1200 °C

Manual uni-axial hydraulic press


Range: up to 130 kN


Cold isostatic press (CIP) RP 2000 QC/LC Recherches & Réalisations REMY SAS

Range: 70–800 MPa
Stroke: 200 mm
Section: 49087 mm2
Max Load: 1963 kN

Ball mills
Attrition mills

Range: up to 1000 rpm

Milliing media: ZrO2, Al2O3, Si3N4

SPS - Pressure-assisted pulsed current sintering (Spark Plasma Sintering system) with protective atmosphere - Fuji Electronic Industrial – MODEL 632LxEx

Max. Pressure: 60kN
Min. Pressure: 0.5kN
Max. Sintering Temp.: 2500℃
Sintering DC Pulse Generator Max. Output: 3,000A

SPS - Pressure-assisted pulsed current sintering (Spark Plasma Sintering system) Fuji Electronic Industrial – MODEL 615

Pressure- assisted pulsed current sintering (Spark Plasma Sintering system)- Fuji Electronic Industrial Dr. SINTER SPS SYNTEX 3000

Max. Pressure: 100 kN (10,200kgf)
Min. Pressure: 5 kN (510kgf)
Max. Sintering Temp.: 2500 ℃
Sintering DC Pulse Generator Max. Output: 3,000 A

Non-contact horizontal optical dilatometer Misura - Expert System Solutions

Expert System Solutions Misura
Capable to determine expansion and shrinkage curve, coefficient of thermal expansion, glass transition temperature and dilatometric softening point
Up to 1750 °C
Heating rates up to 30 °C/min

Arc Melter MAM-1 - Edmund Bühler

Designed for melting samples of approx. 5-20 g up to 3500 °C
Standard crucible plate or customized crucible plates
Special suction casting cold crucible
Freely movable, water-cooled electrode
Vacuum: 4 x 10-2 mbar
Operating gas: Ar, He


Melt Spinner SC - Edmund Bühler

For preparation of metallic glasses, nanocrystalline alloys and quasicrystals.
Wheel diameter: 200 mm
Wheel Speed: 5 – 50 m/s
Vacuum: 5 x 10-5 mbar
Operating gas: Ar, He
Crucibles: quartz (1200 °C), BN (1600 °C), graphite (2000 °C)
Induction heating by 6 kW generator at 87 kHz
Tracing of O2 content in the chamber

Planetary Mill - FRITSCH Pulverisette 5 / 2 bowl fasteners and ACROSS 4x 500 ml Gear-Drive

Milling and homogenization of powder mixtures in liquid media
For fine grinding down to colloidal fineness of hard and soft materials dry or in suspension, mixing and homogenisation
Speed 400-580 rpm
Sample quantity max. 450 ml
Attainable final fineness < 1 μm

Freezedryer Christ Alpha 2-4 LDplus

Freezedrying of frozen samples
Solvent: water, cyclohexane, diluted alcohols
Chamber volume: 6,5 L
Condensator temperature: -85 °C
Sample temperature: approximately -35 °C
Vacuum: 1×10-3 mbar

Hot press MOORE with external magnetic field

For the pressing of green compacts or plastomagnetic materials in a magnetic field
Magnetic field perpendicular to the pressing direction
Temperature up to 400°C
Magnetic field up to 0.4 T
Pressure up to 20 tons on a 4” diameter punch

Bench Top Reactor Parr 4523

HAST C head, bolts, fittings, impellers and shaft, cooling coils
Volume: 1000 mL
Rated 2000 PSIG/138 bar
Max Temp: 350 °C

Rotavapor Buchi R-100, 24/40 P+G Vertical Condenser, Manual Lift

Manually adjustable rotation speed of 20 to 280 rpm
1 L receiving and evaporating flasks
Angle adjustable 0 – 35 °
Heating Power 1300 W
Controlled temperature range 20 – 95 °C
Temperature regulation accuracy ± 2 °C

Spin Coater Model WS-400-6NPP Laurell Technologies

Deposition of a uniform film, of high precision and nanometric thickness, on the surface of a ceramic, metal or polymer sample.

Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printer MakerBot Replicator 2X

Layer resolution capability of 100 microns
6300-cubic-cm build volume
Max dimensions of print: 28 L x 15 W x 15 H cm

Filabot EX6 Filament Extruder

Filament Sizes: 1.75mm and 2.85mm
Material Capacity: Hopper 3195.5 cm3, Screw Void 38.8 cm3, Feed Port 3195.5 cm3
Extrudable Plastics: PLA, ABS, PC, PP, PS, ULTEM, PEEK, NYLON, HDPE, PETG, and WAX
Temperature Control: 4 Independently PID controlled heat zones, all with active fan cooling for consistent heating

Filabot Airpath

60.96cm L x 18.42cm W x 8.89cm H
Voltage: 110 / 220VAC 50/60Hz universal input

Filabot Spooler

Works with 0.5 kg and 1 kg standard Filabot Spools
Puller Wheel Torque 1.5 Nm
Filament Diameter Range – 0.5mm to 3.5mm
Variable speed control with speed control knob
43.18cm L x 24.13cm H x 18.42cm W

Automatic titrator 835 Titrando - Metrohm

Programmable using software Tiamo
20 in 50 ml dosing unit 800 Dosino
802 Rod Stirrer with 804 Ti stand
pH meter

Microwave Assist Technology Furnace Carbolite MRF 16/22

1600°C maximum operating temperature
22 litre chamber capacity
20 segment programmable PID control
Independent control of microwave & radiant heating
9 kW radiant heating & 1.8kW microwave heating source
(WxDxH) 245 x 396 x 232 mm

High vacuum system for heat treatments in specific atmospheres

Vacuum: 1.10-5 mbar
Possible working gasses: Ar, N2, O2, H2,
Temperatures up to 1300 °C

Belt Furnace

Firing of screen-printed thick films and hybrid circuits in air up to 1000 °C.

Kambič Universal Temperature Chamber Type: SP-55 C

Temperature range: Tambient+5°C…300°C
Volume: 50 L
Exterior dimensions: 510 x 535 x 575 mm (WxHxD)
10 adjustable process programs
10 adjustable temperature steps in each program
Temperature set resolution 0.1 °C

Vacuum Heating and Drying Oven – Heraeus

Capacity: 25 L
Dimensions (D x W x H) Interior 30.7 x 30 x 27.5 cm
Temperature Range: 200 °C
Jacket-Heating VT 6025 w/inert gas connection

Laboratory Ultrasonic processor UP400S -Hielscher Ultrasonics GmbH

Sample volume (mL): 5-1000
Acoustic power density (W/cm2): 105 / 460
Efficiency > 90 %
Working frequency 24 kHz
Control range +/- 1 kHz
Output control 20 % – 100 %, steplessly adjusted
Pulse-pulse mode factor 10 % – 100 % per second, steplessly adjusted

Laboratory Ultrasonic processor Vibra cell VCX-500 - Sonics & Materials, Inc.

Sample volume (mL): 5-250
Sample temperature to be monitored up to 100 deg.C
Temperature sensor and limiter switch to avoid overheating of the sample

Laboratory autoclave sterilizer LTA 275 - ZIBRUS technology GmbH

Chamber volume: 24 Liters
Internal dimensions: φ294 x 350mm
Heating power: 2.2 kW
Admissible working pressure: 3,5 bar
Admissible working temperature: 138 deg

Water bath Julabo B5 Heating Circulator with Stainless Steel Open Bath

Working temperature range       +20 … +150 °C
Temperature stability ±0.03 °C
Filling volume 3.5 … 5 L
Dimensions 23 x 38 x 41 cm

Freezer New Brunswick U101 - Eppendorf

Tmin: -80 deg.C
Capacity: 101 Liters
Internal dimensions (HxWxD): 64 x 48 x 33cm (divided into two compartments)

Incubator shaker KS 3000i control - IKA Works GmbH

Speed range: 10 – 500 rpm
Temperature range: 5 – 80 deg.C
Timer or continuous operation mode
Internal dimensions: 330 x 330 x 258 mm

Shaking Waterbath Wisd WiseBath WSB-18

dimension (LxBxH) internal (mm): 300 x 300 x 200
Shaking capacity 8 x 250ml
Temperature range °C: ambient + 5°C ~ 250°C
Accuracy: ±0,1°C
Timer: 99 H 59 min (delay & continuous function included)

Microbiological safety cabinet MC12-2 Iskra PIO

The microbiological safety cabinet assures a high safety level for operator, surrounding and product. The cabinet is manufactured according to requirements of SIST EN 12469:2000 standard.

Laminar Flow Biosafety Cabinets

dimension (LxBxH) internal (mm): 954x605x587
Laminar flow speed 0.35 m/s, laminar flow rate 669 m³/h
Filters HEPA H14 filters according to EN 1822: efficiency of 99.995% MPPS and 99.999 % DOP
UV light and fans with timer to be programmable

Ultrapure water system Purelab flex 3 - Elga

Type I ultrapure water
Daily volume: <10 Liters
Reservoir volume: 7 liters

Hemispherical heating mantle (model WiseTherm WHM 12112 from Witeg Labortechnik GmbH) with temperature controller (J-KEM, model 310) and J-type Teflon thermocouple

Flask capacity: 250 mL, heating range: room T to +300°C
Temperature accuracy: 0.1 °C, measuring range up to +330°C

Centrifuge 5804 Eppendorf

For tubes up to 250 mL
Max. speed 12,100 rpm

Mini extruder with heating block (Avanti Polar lipid, USA)

membrane filters with pore size 800, 200 and 100 nm

Characterization Equipment

Metallographic specimen preparation
System for I-U and C-U characterisation

Keithley 2410 High Voltage Digital SourceMeter:
I = 10 pA – 20 mA
U = 1 mV – 1000 V
Agilant E4980A Precision LCR Meter (20 Hz – 2 MHz) equiped with Agilant 16065A External Voltage Bias Fixture (50 Hz – 2 MHz; DC bias +/- 200 V).


HP 4192A LF Impendance Analyser

Hewlett Packard
Impendance characterisation of ceramic materials (resistivity, capacity, inductivity, dielectric losses):
Frequency range: 5 Hz – 13 MHz
Bias: -35 V to +35 V
Oscilator level: 5 mV to 1.1 V

Mettler Toledo, C20S, Coulometric KF Titrator
EmStat3 Blue

Small and wireless potentiostat

USB or Wireless Bluetooth connection
Potential range: ±5 V
Current ranges: 1 nA to 10 mA or 100 mA
Ideal for mobile sensor applications

Type of techniques available for the instrument to run:

  • voltammetric techniques (Linear Sweep Voltammetry (LSV), Cyclic Voltammetry (CV)),
  • pulsed techniques (Differential Pulse Voltammetry (DPV)),
  • amperometric techniques (Chronoamperometry (CA), Chronocoulometry (CC)),
  • galvanostatic techniques (Open Circuit Potential (OCP)
Bulk Density Measurement System

Densitec, Exelia AG, Switzerland
Bulk density measurement system based on the use of Archimedes principle and subsequent infiltration of a sample with silicon oil.

Laser scattering particle size distribution analyzer


Range: 0.02-2000 μm

PalmSens4 potentiostat

USB and battery-powered Potentiostat/Galvanostat/EIS analyzer

Potential range: ±5 V
FRA / EIS: 10 μHz up to 1 MHz
9 current ranges: 100 pA to 10 mA
Bluetooth or USB connection

Type of techniques available for the instrument to run:

  • voltammetric techniques (Linear Sweep Voltammetry (LSV), Cyclic Voltammetry (CV)),
  • pulsed techniques (Differential Pulse Voltammetry (DPV)),
  • amperometric techniques (Chronoamperometry (CA), Chronocoulometry (CC)),
  • galvanostatic techniques (Chronopotentiometry (CP)),
  • potentiostatic/Galvanostatic Impedance spectroscopy (EIS/GEIS)
3x Potentiostat/Galvanostat, Gamry - Reference 600

High-performance potentiostat/galvanostat designed for fast, low current measurements.

Max current: ±600 mA
Current Ranges: 11 (60 pA – 600 mA)
Min Voltage Resolution: 20 aA
Max Applied Potential: ± 11 V
Min Potential Step: 12.5 μV

Type of techniques available for the instrument to run:

  • physical electrochemistry (cyclic voltammetry, chronoamperometry, and chronopotentiometry),
  • pulse voltammetry (pulse voltammetry, square wave voltammetry, and associated stripping techniques)
  • DC corrosion (polarization resistance, potentiodynamic, cyclic polarization, and galvanic corrosion)
Balance KERN EW 2200

Weighing range [Max] 2200 g
Weighing plate dimensions 180 x 160 mm
Readout  0.01 g

Open Heating Bath Circulator

Julabo ED 19A
Temperature range: 20-60 °C
Proportional with integral and derivative temperature control (PID)
Temerature stability: +/- 0.03 °C
Display resolution: 0.1 °C
Heater capacity: 2000 W
Pump capacity: pressure (0.35 bar), flow rate (15 l/min)
Filling volume: 19 l

Zeta Meter - ZetaProbe Colloidal Dynamics

Zeta Probe, Colloidal Dynamics
For measuring zeta potential in concentrated colloids and emulsions on basis of electrokinetic sonic amplitude
Particle concentration 0.5 to 60 volume percent
Sample volume 30-240 mL
Conductivity measurements (0-5 S/m)
pH measurements (1-13)
Temperature range 10-50 deg. C
Zeta potential range +/-200 mV
Fast analysis
Particle size from 1 nm to greater than 10 μm
Possible potentiometric or volumetric titration (0.1 μm resolution, dual syringe pump)

RFDA MF basic

– Resonant frequency
– Damping or Internal Friction
– Young’s modulus
– Shear modulus
– Poisson ratio
Working temperature: room temperature
Atmosphere: air

Archimedes' principle
Precision diamond sectioning saw
Mercury porosimeter – Thermo Scientific PASCAL 140 (low pressure) and 440 (high pressure)

Measuring range: 0.01 to 0.1 Kpa (140); 0.1 to 400 Kpa (440)
Accuracy: Better than 0.2%
Pore size (diameter): 116 – 3.8 µ (140); 15 – 0.0036 µ (440)
Particle size (diameter): 330 – 15 µ (140); 40 – 0.01 µ (440)
Volume detection system: Capacitive
Max. sample size for solid materials (d x h): 12×40 mm
Max. detection volume: 0.5 cc
Volume resolution: 0.0001 cc

Universal testing machine GALDABINI QUASAR 50

Tensile strength, strain at rupture and yield modulus, for quality control and mechanical specifications
Capacity: 50 kN
Type: Double Column, Table Top
Min. Speed: 0.0005mm / min
Max. Speed: 500 mm / min
Application: Textile, Plastics, Polymers, Composites, Sheet Metal
Accuracy: ASTM E4 – EN 10002/2 – DIN 51221

VSM Vibrating Sample Magnetometer - Microsense EZ7

For contactless measurements of hard and soft magnetic materials and properties of para- and diamagnetic materials with an automatic sample rotation.
Sensitivity: 7×10-8 emu
Maximum field 1.8 T
Lowest field noise: less than 5 mOe RMS

VSM Vibrating Sample Magnetometer - Lakeshore 7304

For contactless measurements measuring hard and soft magnetic materials at different temperatures and atmospheres.
Temperature range 10K-1273K
Sample size: up to 7x7x7 mm
Sensitivity: 5×10-6 emu
Reproducibility: 0.7%
Maximum applied field: 2.3 T
Operating atmospheres: air, N2, H2, Ar

Permeameter - Steingroever EP2

For measuring hard magnetic materials
Temperature range: room temperature to 250 deg. C (the temperature range is currently being extended to 450 deg.C)
Sample size: up to 25-mm diameter
Accuracy: 1-2 %
Maximum applied field: 2.1 Tesla
Operating atmosphere: air

Magnetic Pulser

For magnetizing magnetic materials.
Max. Field: 6 T for 1ms.

Laser scattering particle size distribution analyser HORIBA LA-920

Measuring principle: Mie scattering
Particle size measurement range: 0.02µm to 2,000µm
Measuring time: Generally 20 sec.
Precision: Within 0.6% of the claimed tolerance for HORIBA selected NIST R traceable standard particles
Amount of sample required: 10 mg to 5 g

Surface area and pore size analyser (BET) – Quantachrome Nova 2000e

Analisys stations: 2
Measurment types: B.E.T., STSA, adsorption isotherm, desorption isotherm
Surface area range:0.01 m2/g
Pore size range: 0.35 to >400 nm
Minimum pore volume: 2.2 x 10-6 ml/g

Zeta potential analyzer Brookhaven Instruments Corporation Zeta PALS

Measuring both particle size and zeta potential in solution
Effective range for particle sizing is 2nm – 3um
Measurements can be made in a variety of media

Electrokinetic Analyser SurPASS - Anton Paar

Investigation of electrokinetic effects at the solid/liquid interface for solids of almost any size and shape. By measuring the streaming potential or streaming current of macroscopic solids, the SurPASS provides the zeta potential and allows you to study liquid-on-solid adsorption processes.
Streaming potential -2000 / +2000 mV
Streaming current -200 / +200 μA
Cell resistance 5 W / 20 MW
Pressure measurement -1000 / +1000 mbar
pH value pH 2 – pH 12
Conductivity 0.005 – 1000 mS/m
Temperature 20 – 30 deg.C
Flow rate 10 – 300 mL/min

Spectrophotometer with 150 mm Sphere - PerkinElmer Lambda 950 UV/Vis/NIR

For ultra-high UV/Vis/NIR performance
Wavelength range: 175nm-3300nm
Light source: tungsten-halogen and deuterium
Detectors: photomultiplier R6872 for high energy in the entire UV/Vis wavelength range; high performance Peltier-cooled PbS detector for the NIR wavelength range

Contact angle meter Theta Lite- Biolin Scientific

Measuring range: 0-180 deg., 0.01-1000 mN/m
Accuracy: +/- 0.1 deg., +/- 0.01 mN/m
Resolution of camera: 640*480
Maximum measuring speed: 60 fps

Fiber coupled NIR Laser System CNI 808 nm

System for photo-thermal experiments
Power range: 0-6W, adjustable
Operating mode: continuous wave, wavelength 808 ±3 nm
Equipped with collimator for adjusting spot size (1-20mm)
Temperature monitoring with J-type thermocouple connected to a computer (contact mode) or thermal camera (contactless mode, Flir E8)

Thermal camera FLIR E8

IR resolution: 320×240 pixels
Thermal sensitivity/NETD: < 0.06°C
Field of view: 45°x35°
Image modes: Thermal MSX, Thermal, Picture-in-picture, Thermal blending
Object temperature range: -20°C to + 250°C (accuracy ±2°C), focus free


System for simultaneous measurement in vacuum of electrical conductivity (s),Seebeck coefficient (S) and thermal conductivity (k) of bulk sample in the temperature range from 600 ˘C to 40°C.

Balance Mettler Toledo XPE206

Maximum Capacity: 220 g/81 g
Readability: 0.01 mg;0.005 mg
Minimum Weight: 10 mg

Equipment for Microscopy

Co-ownership as a part of Center for electron microscopy and microanalysis (CEMM)

Jeol JEM-2100

JED 2300 EDS
Gatan CCD camera ORIUS
Analytical holders (double tilt)
Cooling and heating holders (double tilt)

Jeol JEM-2010F

FEG electron gun
STEM unit
BF, DF STEM detectors
ADF/HAADF STEM detector (Jeol YDF)
Oxford Instruments ISIS 300 EDS
Gatan PEELS 677
Gatan CCD camera SC1000B
Analytical holders (double tilt)
Cooling and heating holders (double tilt)


SE, BE detectors
Oxford Instruments ISIS 300 EDS
Digital imaging
(manual JSM-5800)

Jeol JXA-840A

SE, BE detectors
Tracor TN 5600 EDS
2 WDS spectrometers
Digital imaging
(manual JXA-840A)

Jeol JSM-7600F

In-Lens Thermal FEG
SEI, LEI detectors
BE detectors (RIBE, RBEI)
INCA Oxford 350 EDS SDD (20mm2)
INCA Wave 500 spectrometer
XENOS XeDraw 2 e-lithograph
EBSD, Channel 5, Oxford Instruments
r-filter for contaminating SE in BE signals
(manual JSM-7600F)

Liquid TEM holder

Protochips: The Poseidon Heating package

  • Continuous Flow Liquid TEM holder compatible with JEOL2100, JEOL2010 and JEOL ARM200F
  • Optimized for EDXS analysis.
  • Integrated solutions for direct Heating and Mixing experiments
Electrochemical TEM holder

Protochips: The Poseidon Electrochemistry package

  • Continuous Flow Liquid TEM holder compatible with JEOL2100, JEOL2010 and JEOL ARM200F
  • In situ quantitative electrochemistry analysis with simultaneous TEM imaging/diffraction and analytical data collection.
  • Optimized for EDXS analysis
Atomic Force Microscope AFM/MFM - Veeco Dimension 3100

Noise Level: < 0.5Å RMS in vertical (Z) dimension with acoustic/vibration isolation • Microscope: – DimensionTM SPM Head – X-Y imaging area approx. 90µm square – Z range approx. 6µm – Lateral accuracy typically within 1%, maximum 2% – Provides full 16-bit resolution on all axes for all scan sizes and offsets
Sample Size: – Up to 150mm diameter – Up to 12mm thick
Optical microscope: 150µm to 675µm horizontal viewing area – Motorized zoom and focus – Resolution 1.5µm

Scanning techniques: Contact Mode • TappingMode • Non-contact Mode • LiftModeTM • PhaseImagingTM (patented) • Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM)  

Optical Microscope - Zeiss Imager.Z1m

Objective Carl Zeiss Plan S 1.0x, FWD 81 mm
Binocular 455044-9901
Light source CL 1500 ECO, goose-neck flexible light guides
Canon Power Shot A640
Software AxioVision 4.6

Inverted Metallurgical Microscope - Olympus GX41

Objective Olympus Plan – MPLF LN5x, 10x and 20x
Binocular Tube with 30 deg. inc.- U-CBI30-2
Light source 6V 30W HAL-L

Stereomicroscope Discovery V8 - Carl Zeiss AG

Zoom range of 8 : 1
Capturing images with a digital camera

TEM, SEM sample preparation

Co-ownership as a part of Center for electron microscopy and microanalysis (CEMM)

MultiPrepTM Precision Polishing System

ALLIED, High Tech Products, Inc.
Mechanical sample preparation of TEM and SEM samples

Precision Etching Coating System - PECS

Ion beam etching and coating system for advanced SEM sample preparation, with ultra thin conductive coatings.

Gentle Mill Ion Miller, Model IV5

For endpolishing of TEM samples based on a low energy ion source

Sputter-Coater SCD-050

For SEM sample preparation.

Ion Beam Milling System RES 010

BAL-TEC Limited
For etchining of TEM samples based on a high energy ion source

Precision Ion Polishing System – PIPS


  • For enhance sample quality and high-resolution TEM results
  • PIPS sample cooling option
  • CCD imaging system for real-time video imaging
Dimple Grinder, Model 656


  • For the preparation of TEM specimens
  • For produce circular dimples (spherical or flat-bottomed profile) in material such as ceramics, semiconductors, metals, and combinations thereof
Diamond Wire Saw

For precision cutting of TEM samples

Precision sectioning saws (IsoMet 1000,…)

RPM range: 100-975
Cutting Capacity: 50.00 mm
Cut Action: Gravity Fed Chop

Multiple Polishers (Struers LaboPol 5,…)

Grinding and polishing of material samples in preparation for microscopy.
The equipment is able to control the force applied, fluid rate dispensed, and platen speed (50 – 500 rpm)