Complex metallic alloys

Complex metallic alloys (JSI-CNRS joint laboratory)

International Associated Laboratories (LIA) initiated by the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) lay the bases of cooperation around a joint project, between French team, Institute Jean Lamour, Nancy (France) and main partner abroad, Institute Jožef Stefan (IJS), Slovenia.

The IJS-CNRS International Associated Laboratory (LIA): “Push-Pull Alloys And Complex CompoundS (PACS2): from bulk properties to surface functions”, (LIA PACS2), was founded in 2015. The purpose of the LIA is to carry out the research project in the field of Push-Pull Alloys, which belong to the general class of Complex Metallic Alloys, with special emphasis on generating highly complex compounds and exploring their properties and potential applications. That includes search for new push-pull alloys in ternary metal systems, understanding the interplay between physical properties (mechanic, electric, magnetic) and underlying crystal structure in newly discovered complex metallic alloys, formation mechanism and crystallization of bulk metallic glasses prepared by melt-spinning and atomic-scale compositional and structural analysis of buried interfaces between metallic substrate and alloy thin films.

HRTEM and SAED of the newly discovered phase in Al-Cr-Sc system.


Selected publications:

KRNEL, P. KOŽELJ, S. VRTNIK, A. KOCJAN, Z. JAGLIČIĆ, P. BOULET, M.C. DE WEERD, J.M. DUBOIS, J. DOLINŠEK, Phys. Rev. B 93(9) (2016) 094202 (14 pp).

KELHAR, J. FERČIČ, P. BOULET, M. MAČEK-KRŽMANC, S. ŠTURM, M. LAMUT, B. MARKOLI, S. KOBE, J.-M. DUBOIS, Phil. Mag., (2016) DOI: 10.1080/14786435.2016.1229062

KOCJAN, L. KELHAR, A. GRADIŠEK, B. LIKOZAR, K. ŽAGAR, J. GHANBAJA, S. KOBE, J.-M. DUBOIS, Advances in Mater. Sci. and Eng. Article ID 9203623, 9pp (2017),

NAGLIC, Z. SAMARDZIJA, K. DELIJIC, S. KOBE, J.-M. DUBOIS, B. LESKOVAR, B. MARKOLI, J. Mater. Sci. DOI 10.1007/s10853-017-1477-8.


LIA PACS2: International Associated Laboratory

Push-Pull AlloyS and Complex Compounds: From bulk properties to surface functions


Prof. Sašo Šturm Head of the department, Senior scientist

+386 1 4773 418
Field of research:
  • Material processing:
    • Solid state synthesis of functional ceramics
    • Hydrothermal synthesis of nanomaterials
  • Advanced TEM characterization and method developments:
    • Structural and chemical characterization of materials and correlation to properties at high spatial resolution
    • Quantitative atomic-scale studies of crystal structure, chemistry and bonding of interfaces and nanostructures
    • Quantitative atomic resolution HRTEM and HAADF/ABF/BF STEM image analysis
    • Quantitative EELS analysis
  • In situ transmission electron microscopy:
    • In situ heating and cooling TEM experiments
    • In situ studies of structural phase transitions
Prof. Jean-Marie Dubois Senior scientist, Scientific advisor, European Academy of Sciences, Fellow

+386 1 4773 251
Field of research:
  • Non-crystalline alloys and compounds: metallic glasses, intermetallics and complex metallic alloys, quasicrystals.
  • Crystal structure and local order; formation and stability of complex compounds; properties of complex metallic compounds and quasicrystals: electronic structure, heat transport, solid-solid adhesion,
    wetting, friction; applications of quasicrystals & complex intermetallics.

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