Title: Africa - The craddle of Life (the image was competing in the NanoArt competition at the Hot Nano Topics, Portoroz, May 2008).

FEG-SEM image of idiomorphic anatase nanocrystals grown on Ti6Al4V alloy via hydrothermal route.
Due to its high bicompatibility the anatase coatings will allow improved osteointegration of bone implants.
Crystal size: 20-100 nm with well developed {101} and {001} faces.

Authors: Natasa Drnovsek and Aleksander Recnik (IJS), natasa.drnovsek@ijs.si, aleksander.recnik@ijs.si
Photgraphy by: Matjaz Mazaj (National institute of Chemistry, Slovenia)
Microscope: Zeiss SUPRA 35VP (KI).