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Centres of Excellence

Financed by the Slovenian Research Agency:

Nanostructured materials
P2-0084, National Research Programme (2004-2008, 2009-2014, 2015-2019)
Prof. Spomenka Kobe

Engineering and bio-ceramics
P2-0087, National Research Programme (2004-2008, 2009-2014, 2015-2018)
Asst. Prof. Andraz Kocjan


Started in 2017

Catalytically-assisted high efficiency and low-cost nanostructured sensors based on modified screen printed electrodes for analytical chemistry
J2-8182, Basic Research (2017-2020)
Asst. Prof. Kristina Zuzek Rozman

W- and WC-based composites for high thermally loaded parts in the fusion demonstration power plant DEMO
J2-8165, Basic Research (2017-2019)
Prof. Sasa Novak

UV sensors nanoparticles embedded into PA fibres
L2-8190, Applied Research (2017-2020)
Prof. Spomenka Kobe (Dr. Aleksandra Lobnik)

Started in 2016

High-coercivity Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets with minimum amount of heavy rare earths
Z2-7215, Postdoctoral Basic Research (2016-2017)
Dr. Marko Soderznik

Evaluation of possible harmful effects of nanoparticles and underlying mechanisms - from physico-chemical and in vitro toxicity characterisation to innate immune system activation
J7-7424, Basic Research (2016-2018)
Prof. Sasa Novak (Dr. Vladimir B. Bregar)

High-Performance Nanostructured Coatings - breakthrough in concentrated solar power
J2-7371, Basic Research (2016-2018)
Asst. Prof. Andraz Kocjan (Dr. Ivan Jerman)

Started in 2014

Investigations of initial stages of phase transformations in minerals
J1-6742, Basic Research (2014-2017)
Asst. Prof. Nina Daneu

Bio-responsive magneto-optically coupled nanomaterial-based systems for innovative skin cancer treatments
J2-6760, Basic Research (2014-2017)
Asst. Prof. Saso Sturm

From the synthesis of metal oxides to the humidity and oxygen prototype nanosensors
J2-6760, Postdoctoral Basic Research (2014-2016)
Kristina Zagar

Structure and chemical composition study of surfaces and interfaces
J2-6754, Basic Research (2014-2017)
Asst. Prof. Aleksander Recnik (Asst. Prof. Goran Drazic)

Financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport:

Tridimensional bioactive glass and biopolymer composite
Fostering Early Stage Researchers (2014-2015)
Dr. Natasa Drnovsek

Started in 2011

High-coercivity Nd-Fe-B bonded magnets for automotive applications
L2-4097, Applied Research (2011-2015)
Prof. Spomenka Kobe

Protected permanent magnets for advanced high-temperature applications
L2-4099, Applied Research (2011-2015)
Asst. Prof. Paul McGuiness

Twinning, epitaxy and phase transformations in minerals
J1-4167, Basic Research (2011-2015)
Dr. Nina Daneu

Materials and technologies for applications of ZnO-based thick film varistors and oxide thermoelectrics
L2-4192, Applied Research (2011-2015)
Asst. Prof. Slavko Bernik

Electron microscopy and microanalysis of materials on submicrometer scale
J2-4237, Basic Research (2011-2015)
Dr. Zoran Samardzija

Hydrothermal synthesis of strongly adhered TiO2 photocatalytic coatings on metallic substrates
J2-4309, Basic Research (2011-2015)
Asst. Prof. Goran Drazic

Novel functionalized nanomaterials for applications as nano- or biosensors/actuators/bioresponsive (carrier) systems
J2-4316, Basic Research (2011-2015)
Dr. Kristina Zuzek Rozman (Dr. Marjan Bele)

Near-net shape nanoparticle-reinforced polymer-composite for highly loaded advanced mechanical components with superior tribological performance
J2-4191, Basic Research (2011-2014)
Asst. Prof. Sasa Novak (Prof. Mitjan Kalin)

Colour, absorption and protective nanolayer coatings for aluminium alloy
L2-4249, Applied Research (2011-2014)
Prof. Miran Ceh (Dr. Peter Panjan)

New metal-based "smart" materials for thermal inscription of digital information
J1-4070, Basic Research (2011-2104)
Dr. Andraz Kocjan (Prof. Janez Dolinsek)

Modification of TiO2 nanoparticle surface: prevention of agglomeration and preservation of intrinsic properties
L2-4304, Applied Research (2011-2014)
Asst. Prof. Aleksander Recnik (Prof. Miran Gaberscek)

Microbial adhesion management on material surfaces
L1-4067, Applied Research (2011-2014)
Asst. Prof. Goran Drazic (Asst. Prof. Klemen Bohinc)

Development of the model of the system for intelligent support of the selection of suitable powder material when developing sintered products
L2-4283, Applied Research (2011-2014)
Asst. Prof. Sasa Novak (Dr. Joze Flasker)

Innovative production systems for vaccines and regenerative medicine
L4-4277, Applied Research (2011-2014)
Asst. Prof. Aleksander Recnik (Dr. Ales Podgornik)

Started in 2009

Exploration and preservation of mineralogical heritage
L1-2232, Applied Research (2009-2013)
Dr. Aleksander Recnik

Started in 2008

Physics and chemistry of interfaces of nanostructured metallic materials
L2-0618-0206, Applied Research (2008-2011)
Asst. Prof. Miran Ceh

Started in 2007

Low-doped ZnO-based ceramics for energy varistors
Applied Research (2007-2009)
Dr. Slavko Bernik

The influence of magnetic structure of the materials on the magnetocaloric effect
J2-9198-0106, Basic Research (2007-2009)
Dr. Matej Komelj

Ecotechnological 1D nanomaterials: Synthesis and characterisation of 1D titanate nanomaterials doped with transition metal ions
J2-9217, Basic Research (2007-2010)
Dr. Saso Sturm (Dr. Polona Umek)

Started in 2005

Nanostructural engineering of semiconducting materials
J2-7432-0106, Target Oriented Basic Research (2005-2008)
Dr. Aleksander Recnik

Fabrication of  novel thin films by pulser-laser ablation with in situ ICP-MS analysis of target plumes for deposition control
J2-7133-0104, Target Oriented Basic Research (2005-2008)
Prof. Spomenka Kobe (Dr. Johannes Teun Van Elteren)

A development of low-activation material for the first wall in fusion reactor
J2-7506-0106, Target Oriented Basic Research (2005-2008)
Asst. Prof. Sasa Novak

Hard magnetic Co-Pt thin films produced with electrodeposition
Z2-7438-0106, Post-Doctoral Projekt (2005-2008)
Dr. Kristina Zuzek Rozman

Research of degradation mechanisms and improvement of properties of metallized film capacitors
L2-7093-1689, Applied Research (2005-2007)
Asst. Prof. Miran Ceh (Dr. Miran Gaberscek)

Started in 2004

Layered ceramic nanostructures and 2D nanoparticles arrays
J2-6705-0106-04, Basic Research (2004-2007)
Asst. Prof. Miran Ceh

Nanostructural investigations of special boundaries in minerals
Z1-6493-1555-04, Post-Doctoral Project (2004-2006)
Dr. Nina Daneu

Qualitative Z-contrast microscopy of functional ceramics
Z2-6621-0106-04, Post-Doctoral Project (2004-2006)
Dr. Saso Sturm

Application of new technologies to prevent scaling in industrial flow systems
L2-6540-0106-04, Applied Research (2004-2007)
Prof. Spomenka Kobe

Rare-earth-transition-metal alloys for high-energy permanent magnets and metal-hydride batteries
L2-6582-0106-04, Applied Research (2004-2007)
Dr. Paul McGuiness

Exploration and preservation of Slovenian mineralogical heritage
L2-6530-0106-04, Applied Research (2004-2007)
Dr. Aleksander Recnik

Development of  tissue engineered bone for use in periodontology, traumatology and orthopaedic surgery
L4-6325-0311-04, Applied Research (2004-2007)
Asst. Prof. Miran Ceh

Financed by Ministry of Defence of the Republic Slovenia:

Development of Graetzl-type photo-electrochemical cells 
R & D project within programme Science for Security and Peace (2004-2006)
Dr. Goran Drazic

Started in 2001

Financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic Slovenia:

NMR measurement of magnetic fields and their biological effects
J2-2264-0106/01, Basic Research (2001-2003)
Prof. Spomenka Kobe

Novel permanent magnets for high-temperature applications
J2-3505-0106/03, Basic Research (2001-2003)
Dr. Matej Komelj

Started in 1999

Powder metallurgy and intermetallic magnets
P0-0506-0106/03, National Research Programme (1999-2003)
Prof. Spomenka Kobe

Electron microscopy and microanalysis of materials
P0-0509-0106/03, National Research Programme  (1999-2003)
Dr. Miran Ceh



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