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  VSM Vibrating Sample Magnetometer - Microsense EZ7
For measuring hard and soft magnetic materials. Can also be used to measure the properties of para- and diamagnetic materials.

0.75 x 10-7 emu (75 nemu) noise at room temperature
Maximum field 23 kOe
Lowest field noise: less than 5 mOe RMS
Automatic Sample Rotation

  Electrokinetic Analyser SurPASS - Anton Paar
Investigation of electrokinetic effects at the solid/liquid interface for solids of almost any size and shape. By measuring the streaming potential or streaming current of macroscopic solids, the SurPASS provides the zeta potential and allows you to study liquid-on-solid adsorption processes.
Streaming potential -2000 / +2000 mV
Streaming current -200 / +200 μA
Cell resistance 5 W / 20 MW
Pressure measurement -1000 / +1000 mbar
pH value pH 2 - pH 12
Conductivity 0.005 - 1000 mS/m
Temperature 20 - 30 deg.C
Flow rate 10 - 300 mL/min
  Laboratory Ultrasonic processor UP400S -Hielscher Ultrasonics GmbH
Sample volume (mL): 5-1000
Acoustic power density (W/cm2): 105 / 460
Efficiency > 90 %
Working frequency 24 kHz
Control range +/- 1 kHz
Output control 20 % - 100 %, steplessly adjusted
Pulse-pulse mode factor 10 % - 100 % per second, steplessly adjusted
  Laboratory Ultrasonic processor Vibra cell VCX-500 - Sonics & Materials, Inc.
Sample volume (mL): 5-250
Sample temperature to be monitored up to 100 deg.C
Temperature sensor and limiter switch to avoid overheating of the sample
  High-temperature Tube Furnace RHTH 120-300 - Nabertherm GmbH
Tmax: 1700 deg.C, Gas Atmosphere or Vacuum
2 heating elements
Gas-tight flanges for protective gas and vacuum operation
Automatic gas supply system
  Universal High-Temperature Tube Furnace RHTC 80-450 - Nabertherm GmbH
Tmax: 1500 deg.C, Gas Atmosphere or Vacuum
Silicon Carbide Rod Heating
Gas-tight flanges for protective gas and vacuum operation
Manual gas supply system
  Laboratory autoclave sterilizer LTA 275 - ZIBRUS technology GmbH
Chamber volume: 24 Liters
Internal dimensions: φ294 x 350mm
Heating power: 2.2 kW
Admissible working pressure: 3,5 bar
Admissible working temperature: 138 deg.
  Freezer New Brunswick U101 - Eppendorf
Tmin: -80 deg.C
Capacity: 101 Liters
Internal dimensions (HxWxD): 64 x 48 x 33cm (divided into two compartments)

  Contact angle meter Theta Lite- Biolin Scientific
Measuring range: 0-180 deg., 0.01-1000 mN/m
Accuracy: +/- 0.1 deg., +/- 0.01 mN/m
Resolution of camera: 640*480
Maximum measuring speed: 60 fps

  Ultrapure water system Purelab flex 3 - Elga
Type I ultrapure water
Daily volume: <10 Liters
Reservoir volume: 7 liters
  Incubator shaker KS 3000i control - IKA Works GmbH
Speed range: 10 - 500 rpm
Temperature range: 5 - 80 deg.C
Timer or continuous operation mode
Internal dimensions: 330 x 330 x 258 mm
  Automatic titrator 835 Titrando - Metrohm
Programmable using software Tiamo
20 in 50 ml dosing unit 800 Dosino
802 Rod Stirrer with 804 Ti stand
pH meter
  Stereomicroscope Discovery V8 -
Carl Zeiss AG

Zoom range of 8 : 1
Capturing images with a digital camera
  Atomic Force Microscope  AFM/MFM - Veeco Dimension 3100
  VSM Vibrating Sample Magnetometer - Lakeshore
For measuring hard and soft magnetic materials. Can also be used to measure the properties of para- and diamagnetic materials.
Temperature range 77K-1273K
Sample size: up to 7x7x7 mm
Sensitivity: 5x10-6 emu
Reproducibility: 0.7%
Maximum applied field: 2.2 Tesla
Operating atmospheres: air, N2, H2, Ar



Melt Spinner - Edmund Buehler


For preparation of metallic glasses and quasicrystals
Wheel diameter: 200 mm
Wheel Speed: 5 - 50 m/s
Vacuum: 5x10-5 mbar
Operating gas:  argon, helium,
Crucibles: quartz (1200 deg. C), BN (1600 deg. C), graphite (2000 deg. C)
Induction heating by 6 kW generator at 87 kHz.


MiniSpin Centrifuge - Eppendorf
For splitting liquid from solid
nano and bigger particles.

Spectrophotometer with 150 mm Sphere - PerkinElmer Lambda 950 UV/Vis/NIR
For ultra-high UV/Vis/NIR performance
Wavelength range: 175nm-3300nm
Light source: tungsten-halogen and deuterium
Detectors: photomultiplier R6872 for high energy in the entire UV/Vis wavelength range; high performance Peltier-cooled PbS detector for the NIR wavelength range

Steriliser with Cooling I-265 CKUV - Kambic
For sterilisation with lights, with heating, for bacteria-growth, for
testing of photocatalysis of semiconductors.
Light source: a) Ultra Vitalux (300 W), simulation od solar spectra without UVC, b) Osram L18-73, Gaussian spectra with peak around
380 nm, c) Osram HNS-15 OFR with single wavelength 264 nm
Temperature range: -10 deg. C to 100 deg. C
  Zeta Meter - ZetaProbe Colloidal Dynamics
For measuring zeta potential in concentrated colloids and emulsions on basis of electrokinetic sonic amplitude
Particle concentration 0.5 to 60 volume percent
Sample volume 30-240 mL
Conductivity measurements (0-5 S/m)
pH measurements (1-13)
Temperature range 10-50 deg.
Zeta potential range +/-200 mV
Fast analysis
Particle size from 1 nm to greater than 10 
Possible potentiometric or volumetric titration (0.1 
μm resolution, dual syringe pump)
Calculates isoelectric point
  Inverted Metallurgical Microscope - Olympus GX41
Objective Olympus Plan - MPLF LN5x, 10x and 20x
Binocular Tube with 30 deg. inc.- U-CBI30-2
Light source 6V 30W HAL-L.

  Optical Microscope - Zeiss Imager.Z1m
Objective Carl Zeiss Plan S 1.0x, FWD 81 mm
Binocular 455044-9901
Light source CL 1500 ECO, goose-neck flexible light guides
Canon Power Shot A640
Software AxioVision 4.6

Resonant Frequency & Damping Analyser - IMCE NV

Measurements of resonant frequency, Poisson's ratio, Young’s and shear modulus
Requires samples with simple shape: rectangular bar, disc, rod, etc.
Environment: air, room temperature

  Open Heating Bath Circulator - Julabo ED-19A
Temperature range 20-60 deg. C
Proportional with integral and derivative temperature control (PID)
Temperature stability +/- 0.03 deg. C
Display resolution 0.1 deg. C
Heater capacity 2000 W
Pump capacity: pressure (0.35 bar), flow rate (15 L/min)
Filling volume 19 L
  High Temperature Furnace - Astro
For heat treating and sintering of materials
Maximum temperature: 2650 deg. C
Hot zone size: 76 mm x 152 mm
Inert and dry reducing atmospheres with pressure capabilities to 103 kPa and full vacuum
Aluminum oxide muffle tube for air and oxidizing atmospheres ( max. temp. 1800 deg. C)
Gas flow: 0.1 to 1.0 L/min
Heat up time: 30 minutes
  Permeameter - Steingroever EP2
For measuring hard magnetic materials
Temperature range: room temperature to 250 deg. C (the temperature range is currently being extended to 450 deg.C)
Sample size: up to 25-mm diameter
Accuracy: 1-2 %
Maximum applied field: 2.1 Tesla
Operating atmosphere: air
  Glove Box- Braun MB150B-G
For handling sensitive powders in an oxygen-free, moisture-free atmosphere
Oxygen content: <1ppm
Moisture content: <1ppm

Mini Spray Dryer - Buechi B-290 with Inert Loop


For preparation of fine powders from solutions or suspensions  (water based or with organic solvents) by spray drying.

For microencapsulation.
Main characteristics:
Evaporation capacity 1.0 l/h  H2O, higher for organic solvents;

Max. T input: 220oC;

Spray gass: compressed air or nitrogen,
200 - 1000 l/h,
5 - 8 bar.


  Sievert's Apparatus
For hydrogen absorption in intermetallics (LaNi5) and quasicrystals (Ni-Zr-Ti)

Low pressure instalation:
- up to 10 bar
- total volume ~ 3,5 L
High-pressure instalation:
- up to 50 bar
- total volume ~ 1 L
Material: stainless-steel AISI 316 L 80 Ω coil for heating up to 500 deg.C, with PID regulator.

Vacuum pump is attached to both systems.

  Hot Magnetic Press - Moore
For the perpendicular pressing of powders in a magnetic field
Pressing force: 20 tons
Applied magnetic field: up to 1.2 Tesla
  Magnetic Press - IJS
For the parallel pressing of powders in a magnetic field
Die size: 8.5-mm diameter
Pressure: 8 Mp
Applied magnetic field: 0.7 Tesla
  Temperature chamber
Heraeus VTM 04/16/HT

Characterisation of electronic components and ceramic samples in the temperature range from - 20 deg. C to 130 deg. C
Aging tests
  Curve Tracer - Tektronix, Inc Type 576
4 quadrant dc and ac I-V charactertisation:
Voltage range: 0.05 - 1500 V
Current range: 1 nA - 20 mA
Sintering of ceramic samples
Chamber furnace: up to 1600 deg. C
Tube furnaces: up to 1500 deg. C
  Planetary Mill - FRITSCH Pulverisette 5 / 2 bowl fasteners classic line
Milling and homogenization of powder mixtures in liquid media
For fine grinding down to colloidal fineness of hard and soft materials dry or in suspension, mixing and homogenisation
Speed 500-400 rpm
Sample quantity max. 450 ml
Attainable final fineness < 1
  HP 4192A LF Impendance Analyser -
Hewlett Packard

Impendance characterisation of ceramic materials (resistivity, capacity, inductivity, dielectric losses):
Frequency range: 5 Hz - 13 MHz
Bias: -35 V to +35 V
Oscilator level: 5 mV to 1.1 V
  Powder Blender - WAB
Power: 0.2 kW

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