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Temperature-sensitive magneto-liposomes as anti-cancer drug carriers Nina Kostevsek 23. oktober 2017
Tailoring the morphology of ZnO crystals Matejka Podlogar 20. oktober 2017
In-situ observation of the electrochemical deposition of Fe in a transmission electron microscope Ulrike Wolff
Leibniz Institut fuer Festkoerper- und Werkstoffforschung - IFW; Dresden
16. oktober 2017
Viscoelastic properties of hydrogel-based materials for tissue engineering scaffolds Rok Kocen 9. oktober 2017
Spark plasma sintering study of metal bonded Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets Awais Ikram 5. oktober 2017
Hydrogen decrepitation processing of SmCo magnets Anas Eldosouky, Magneti, Ljubljana 15. september 2017
Electro-oxidation of formaldehyde using modified Ni electrodes Spela Trafela 11. september 2017
Structure, thermal behaviour and magnetic properties of Ce-based amorphous alloys Luka Kelhar 31. avgust 2017
Quantitative assessment of electron beam induced nucleation phenomena of gold nanoparticles by using in-situ liquid TEM Bojan Ambrozic 28. avgust 2017
Dvojcenje in taaffeitne modulirane strukture
v MgA2O4 spinelu
Sandra Drev 13. junij 2017
Largely Increased Electrical Conductivity in ZnO-based Ceramics by Spark Plasma and Reduction Atmosphere Sintering Method Guorong Li
Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Science
12. junij 2017
Synthesis and characterization of tungsten-
based composites for high-temperature applications
Petra Jenus Brdnik 5. junij 2017
The role of intergranular phase in magnetization reversals in Nd-Fe-B sintered magnets Marko Soderznik 30. maj 2017
Effects of doping in the (ZnO)kIn2O3 thermoelectric ceramics Mateja Kosir 25. april 2017
Colorimetric assay for TiO2 nanoparticles detection in complex matrices as food samples
Kolorimetricni test za detekcijo TiO2 nanodelcev v kompleksnih matricah kot so vzorci zivil
Anja Drame
MPS, Ljubljana
21. april 2017
Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics Dr. Tassilo Moritz,
Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Keramische Technologien und Systeme IKTS, Dresden, Nemcija
3. april 2017
How surface characteristics dictate bacterial adhesion Anze Abram 23. januar 2017
Embedded Passives Andrzej Dziedzic  Faculty of Microsystem Electronics and Photonics, University of Science and Technology, Wroclaw, Poljska 6. januar 2017
Prevention of Grain Boundary Microcracking in Spark Plasma Sintered Transparent MgAl2O4 Ceramics Ismail Ozgur Ozer
Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turcija
8. december 2016
Webinar: In Situ TEM - the New Frontier for Liquid Chemistry
Saso Sturm, K7-IJS
Layla Mehdi, Pacific Northwest National Lab.,
Madeline Dukes, Protochips,
Joe d'Angelo, (Moderator), Materials Sci.Publisher, Elsevier
7. december 2016
Process, structural analysis and thermoelectric properties of ternary/quaternary Cu-based sulfides Cedric Bouges
CRISMAT, Caen, Francija
29. november 2016

Mechanochemistry: Green and effective tool for the synthesis of materials and for broadening their application potential

Matej Balaz
Institute for Geotechnics, Slovak Academy of Science, Bratislava, Slovaska

13. oktober 2016

Phase transformations that change the magnetic properties of metallic glasses

Luka Kelhar

30. september 2016

New approaches for production of permanent magnets with localized coercivity

Tomaz Tomse 27. september 2016
Twin-assisted microstructure development in Nb2O5-doped SnO2-CoO ceramics for varistors applications Sara Tominc 27. september 2016
Processing and (nano)magnetism of SmCo (1:5 and 2:17) magnets: emphasis on microstructure and final properties Anas Eldosouky
Magneti, Ljubljana
19. september 2016
Design and characterization of a continuous flow photoelectrocatalytic coil-type microreactor Luka Suhadolnik 12. september 2016
Regenerative approaches for musculoskeletal tissues at AO Research Institute Mauro Alini
AO Foundtion, Davos, Svica
25. avgust 2016
Microstructural and thermoelectric characteristics of WO3-doped Ca3Co4O Mojca Presecnik 4. julij 2016
Nanocellulose: Functionalization and Self-assembly into Functional Materials Bernd Wicklein
Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid, CSIC, Madrid
14. junij 2016
Rietveld refinements – principles and practice Magnus H. Sørby
IFE, Institute for Energy Technology, Kjeller, Norveska
26. maj 2016
Processing of magnetic materials by novel Flash Spark Plasma Sintering method Elinor G.  Castle
Queen Mary University of London
23. maj 2016
Bioactive glass-based composite scaffolds for tissue engineering applications Ana Gantar 14. marec 2106
ob 13:00
Symposia: Design and Recycling of Rare-Earth (RE)  Permanent Magnet (PM) Motors and Generators in  Hybrid and Full Electric Vehicles - DEMETER Kristina Zuzek Rozman, Saso Sturm, Tomaz Tomse,  Awais Ikram, Benjamin Podmiljsak, Martin Topole, K7, IJS
Irena Skulj, Anas Eldosouky, Arnab Charborty, Magneti d.d. Ljubljana, 
11. marec 2016
Preparation of Sr-ferrite-based magnets with a top-down approach followed by SPS Petra Jenus 29. februar 2016
ob 13:00
Single- and "multi-core" FePt nanoparticles: from controlled synthesis via bio-functionalization to MRI applications Nina Kostevsek 10. februar 2016
ob 13:00
Thermoelectric materials: nanostructuring for improving the energy efficiency of thermoelectric generators and heat-pumps Cristina Echevarria-Bonet
nstitute for Energy Technology, Physics Department, Kjeller, Norveska
3. februar 2016
ob 10:00
Novel permanent-magnet manufacturing methods Tomaz Tomse 21. december 2015
Complex metallic alloys and push-pull alloys! Luka Kelhar 14. december 2015
Thick-film thermoelectric microgenerators based on p-type Ca3Co4O9 and n-type (ZnO)5In2O3
Rok Rudež 3. december 2015
Determination of fracture toughness from notches induced by ultra-short pulsed laser ablation Marc Anglada,
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spanija
20. november 2015
Research on Ductile Phase Toughening of Tungsten for Fusion Reactor Materials Chuck Henager
Nuclear Science Division, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland,  ZDA
19. oktober 2015
Nucleation and dissolution processes studied by in-situ observation using transmission electron microscopy Yuki Kimura
Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japonska
1. oktober 2015
Formation process of calcium carbonate polymorphs Dr. Jun Kawano
Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japonska
1. oktober 2015
In-situ observation of protein crystallization Tomoya Yamazaki
Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japonska
1. oktober 2015
Hydrothermal synthesis of highly branched rutile-type TiO2 Vanja Jordan 22. september 2015
Photo(electro)catalytic degradation of organic compounds
Luka Suhadolnik 21. september 2015
Ekstrakcija in karakterizacija TiO2 nanodelcev v zvecilnih gumijih Anja Drame 7. september 2015
Investigation of switching field distribution and Magnetic Domains in high perpendicular anisotropic electrodeposited Co-Pt nanowires (Seminar III) Mumammad Shahid Arshad 21. avgust 2015
Mechanical properties of hydrogel composites for tissue engineering (Seminar II) Rok Kocen 20. avgust 2015
Enhanced piezoelectric properties of modified BiFeO3-PbTiO3 solid solutions for high temperature applications Jinrong Cheng
Shanghai University, Shanghai, Kitajska
29. julij 2015
The recent progress on the investigation of relaxor-PT single crystal materials for practical applications in SICCAS Haosu Luo
Shanghai Institute of Ceramics Chinese Academy of Science - SICCAS, Shanghai, Kitajska
29. julij 2015


A research on low temperature sintering ZnO varistors Liaoying Zheng, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics Chinese Academy of Science - SICCAS, Shanghai, Kitajska 29. julij 2015


Microscopic Structure and Piezoelectric Properties inLi+ doped (Ba, Ca)(Ti, Zr)O3 Ceramics Guorong Li
Shanghai Institute of Ceramics Chinese Academy of Science - SICCAS, Shanghai, Kitajska
29. julij 2015


Topotaxial reaction during oxidation of ilmenite single crystal Nadezda Stankovic 10. juij 2015
Recent studies for materials characterizationwith high resolution analytical TEM/STEM Masahiro Kawasaki,
3. julij 2015
Multi-Objective Design Optimization of Arbitrary Alloys Including Magnetic Alloys George S. Dulikravich
MAIDROC Laboratory, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Florida International University, Miami, Florida, ZDA
19. junij 2015
Recent advances in N-type TiS2 and P-type Cu12Sb4S13 and Cu4Sn7S16 thermoelectric compounds Emmanuel Guilmeau
24. april 2015
A Review of Permanent Magnets Based on Nanostructured Intermetallic Alloys Luka Kelhar 20. april 2015
Ferrite-based hard/soft magnetic composites Petra Jenus 30. marec 2015
NANOPYME - presentation of the project and our role in it Martin Topole 16. marec 2015
W-based composites for divertor application Aljaz Ivekovic 2. marec 2015
Tailoring nanostructure’s magnetic and chemical properties towards (bio) applications Kristina Zuzek Rozman 26. januar 2015
Electrodeposition of various metals, magnetic mateirals and nanostructures Laszlo Peter
Department of Complex Fluids, Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics, Wigner Research Center for Physics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budimpesta
27. november 2014
Photocalaytic (micro) reactors Luka Suhadolnik 10. november 2014
Structural and magnetic TEM studies of Nd2Fe14B magnets with Tb additions Kristina Zagar 29. oktober 2014
Electrodeposited nanoscaled magnets
Heike Schloerb
IFW Dresden
24. oktober 2014
Hydrothermal treatment of metallic surfaces Anže Abram 26. september 2014
Detecting the oxygen content in Cu-Gd-Ca alloys using different techniques Marko Soderznik 22. september 2014
Predictions on the Biocompatibility of Hydrothermally Coated Ti-based Implants Martina Lorenzetti 15. september 2014
The solid surface zeta potential: An introduction Thomas Luxbacher, Anton Paar GmbH, Gradec, Avstrija 3. junij 2014
Electrochromism of DC magnetron sputtered TiO2 thin films Idris SORAR, Mustafa Kemal University, Department of Physics, Antalya/Hatay, Turcija 19. maj 2014
EDS analysis in the SEM Zoran Samardzija 12. maj 2014
Bulk Functional Nanomaterials Processed By SPD: Advances, Risks, Potentials Michael Zehetbauer, Fakulteta za Fiziko, Univerza na Dunaju 24. april 2014
Transformation mechanism of ilmenite (FeTiO3) single crystals to rutile (TiO2) and hematite (Fe2O3) during thermal treatment Nadezda Stankovic 7. april 2014
Fatty acid coated magnetic (Fe-oxide) nanoparticles Luisa Belardi
Universita di Torino
4. april 2014
Magnetic nanoparticles (Fe-oxide) modified with metallic nanoparticles (Au) Federica Pirani
Universita di Torino
4. april 2014
Fabrication and magnetic properties of hybrid
Co-Pt nanowires
Shahid Arshad 1. april 2014
Silica/Ca-doped silica shells on magnetic nanoparticles, for biomedical applications Francesco Gucci, Universita di Torino 12. marec 2014
Electrophoretic deposition of poly-ether-ether-ketone (PEEK) Aljaz Ivekovic 3. marec 2014
Microwave sintering of ZnO based thermoelectric materials Mateja Kosir 24. februar 2014
Hybrid FePt/Au nanoparticles with combined magneto-photothermal effect Nina Kostevsek 3. februar 2014
Z-Meter for thermoelectric measurements of materials - construction and characteristics Slavko Bernik 27. januar 2014
Beyond the magnetocaloric effect Benjamin Podmiljsak 20. januar 2014
Characterization of rapidly quenched Nd-Fe-B magnets containing low amounts of heavy-rare-earth elements Kristina Zagar 13. januar 2014
Meteorite Jezersko: New Slovenian Meteorite Bojan Ambrozic 16. december 2013
Ab-initio modelling in material science (physics, chemistry..) Matej Komelj 11. november 2013
Zgodovina elektronske mikroskopije v Sloveniji Miran Ceh 21. oktober 2013
Magnetic nanomaterials Arne Luker 16. oktober 2013
Understanding the complex interactions during sintering of transparent Magnesium Aluminate spinel (MgAl2O4) with LiF additive using advanced characterization techniques Marc Rubat du Merac
Univerza v Darmstadtu, Darmstadt, Nemcija
10. oktober 2013
Hidrotermalna sinteza prozornih in prevodnih plasti ZnO na steklu Matejka Podlogar 1. oktober 2013
Food contact material containing nano TiO2: characterisation and migrations Viviana Golja,
Institut za varovanje zdravja
2. september 2013
Electrodeposition of hard magnetic Fe50Pd50 nanowires and their characterization
Darja Pecko 30. avgust 2013
Nanostructures from vapour and solution processes Werner Mader; Universitaet Bonn, Bonn, Nemcija 2. avgust 2013
Hydrothermally grown titania coatings on Ti-based alloys for body implants: achieved results, ongoing work  and future perspectives Martina Lorenzetti 16. junij 2013
Reduction of HRE in MQ-II type permanent magnets Andraz Kocjan 10. junij 2013
CBD grown CdO nanostructures Bunyamin Sahin Mustafa Kemal University, Hatay, Turcija 6. junij 2013
Morphology and composition of Fe-Pd thin films Zoran Samardzija 27. maj 2013
Where is the car going? Paul McGuiness 20. maj 2013
Shock-sintering of Bi4Ti3O12-doped ZnO ceramics for low-voltage varistor applications Nina Daneu 13. maj 2013
Quasicrystals in Al-based alloys Bostjan Markoli
Naravoslovnotehniska fakulteta, UL, Ljubljana
7. maj 2013
ROMEO: Replacement and original magnet engineering options
Spomenka Kobe 22. april 2013
Electroplated ferromagnetic nanostructures with reduced dimensionality Kristina Zuzek Rozman 15. april 2013
Investigations of TiO2 nanopowders behaviour relevant to in vitro studies Sasa Novak 8. april 2013
Static and dynamic magnetic domain configurations in CoPt nanowires M. Shahid Arshad 25. marec 2013
Fabrication and structuring at nanoscale using FIB-SEM platforms Meltem Sezen
Sabanci University, Tuzla, Istanbul. Turcija
19. marec 2013
Podoktorska zaposlitev na Univerzi Aalborg na Danskem: Razvoj nanoporozne SiC membrane za nanofiltracijo Katja Koenig
Aalborg Universitet, Aalborg, Danska
5. marec 2013
Minerali zivosrebrnega rudisca Idrija Aleksander Recnik 25. februar 2013
Bioactive glass-gellan gum composite material for osteochondral defect regeneration Ana Gantar 18. februar 2013
Meteorite Jesenice: Chondrules, mineralogical and chemical composition Bojan Ambrozic, Fakulteta za geologijo UL, Ljubljana 11. februar 2013
Construction and photocatalytic characterisation of TiO2-based microreactor Matic Krivec 4. februar 2013
Zinc alloys - their preparation and corrosion properties Ismail Hakki Karahan
Department of Physics, Faculty of Art and Science, University of Mustafa Kemal, Hatay, Turcija
30. januar 2013
A quantitative assessment of GBDP in Nd-Fe-B magnets Marko Soderznik 21. januar 2013
Structural analysis of hematite-rutile epitaxies from Mwinilunga (Zambia) Nadezda Stankovic 14. januar 2013
Studies of the (ZnO)k In2O3 System for Thermoelectric Applications Mateja Kosir 10. december 2012
Synthesis and characterizationn of oxides in the MgAl2O4 -BeAl2O4 system Sandra Drev 12. november 2012
Thermal conductivity of SiC based composites / Termicna prevodnost kompozitnih materialov na osnovi SiC Aljaz Ivekovic 30. oktober 2012
Microstructural and structural studies of the
x In2O3 system for thermoelectric applications
Mateja Kosir 15. oktober 2012
Transformation of Ilmenite to Rutile and Hematite Pseudomorphs from Mwinilunga (Zambia) Nadezda Stankovic 15. oktober 2012
Fabrication and magnetic properties of CoPt 1D nanostructures Shahid Arshad 15. oktober 2012
Investigation of the properties of Titania coatings on Ti-based alloys substrates for body implants Martina Lorenzzeti 15. oktober 2012
Role of ab initio calculations and nuclear based techniques in understanding of hydrogen sorption process
Dragica Stojic, Katarina Ciric in Jana Radakovic,
Laboratorij za fizikalno kemijo,  Institut za nuklearne nauke "Vinca", Beograd, Srbija
25. september 2012
Synthesis of Fe-sulphides by CVT method Janez Zavasnik 24. september 2012
Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of Rutile nanoparticles for photocatalytic applications Matic Krivec 27. avgust 2012
Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films: cheap and non-toxic alternative for CuInxGa(1-x)Se2 in solar cells Sulejman Kahraman, Physics Department, Mustafa Kemal University, Hatay, Turcija 2. julij 2012
Low hysteresis losses in a first-order magnetic transformation Benjamin Podmiljsak 4. junij 2012
Dependence of Photocatalysis on ZnO Surface and Morphology Barbara Horvat 31. maj 2012
Solution-processed LiF for engineering the work function of organic photovoltaics Cleva Ow-Yang Sabanci University, Tuzla, Istanbul. Turkey 30. maj 2012
Rectifying properties of Al/p-Si/n-ZnO/Al heterostructures
Haci Ali Cetinkara
Mustafa Kemal University
Hatay, Turkey
25. maj 2012
Advances in the applications of bioactive glasses in tissue engineering Aldo R. Boccaccini
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
8. maj 2012
Migracije iz materialov, ki so v stiku z zivili in vsebujejo nanodelce Viviana Golja,
Institut za varovanje zdravja
7. maj 2012

BiFeO3 - TiO2: How to combine hydrothermal  synthesis, photocatalysis and electron diffraction?

Goran Drazic 2. april 2012
Self-organized TiO2 nanotube arrays: use in dye-sensitized solar cells Kristina Zagar 26. marec 2012

Photovoltaics: Third generation Si solar cells
and DSSC cells

Miran Ceh 12. marec 2012
Nanotribology: sequel Matej Komelj 5. marec 2012
Hydrothermal synthesis of titania nanostructures and surface modification for catalytic reactions Milivoj Plodinec
Institut Rudjer Boskovic, Zagreb, Hrvaska
20. februar 2012
Characterisation of SiO2 polymorphs prepared
by hydrothermal synthesis
Alenka Lenart 6. februar 2012
Scanning electron microscopy and microanalysis - SEM, EDS, WDS and EBSD Zoran Samardzija 30. januar 2012
Low-temperature sintering of ZnO-based varistor ceramics Slavko Bernik 23. januar 2012
Hollow nanospheres prepared by pulsed laser deposition in a Nitrogen atmosphere  Saso Sturm 16. januar 2012
Magnetization (reversal) studies on ferromagnetic nanotubes Kristina Zuzek Rozman 9. januar 2012
High-coercivity Nd-Fe-B bonded magnets for automotive applications Andraz Kocjan 12. december 2011
Synthesis and characterization  of undoped and doped ZnO films  from an aqueous solution Mateja Podlogar 28. november 2011
Hydrothermal synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticles used for paste preparation for photoelectro-chemical solar cells Dejan Verhovsek
Cinkarna Celje, Celje
21. november 2011
Characterization & properties of titania coatings on titanium for body implants Martina Lorenzetti 14. november 2011
Magnetic properties of "non-magnetic" materials Paul McGuiness 7. november 2011
Characterisation of rutile nano-rods prepared via low temperature synthesis Matic Krivec 17. oktober 2011
Structure and chemical composition of dental hard tissues studied by electron microscopy Nina Daneu 10. oktober 2011
Grain-Growth Kinetics in ZnO Ceramics in the Presence of Inversion Boundaries Aleksander Recnik 3. oktober 2011
Electrodeposited Fe-Pd nanowires Darja Pecko 30. september 2011
Electrophoretic deposition of DyF3 on NdFeB sintered magnets Marko Soderznik 28. september 2011
A sol-gel approach towards bulk NdFeB-based magnets David Sojer
Magneti d.d. Ljubljana
23. september 2011
Synthesis and characteristics of the Ca3Co4O9 thermoelectric compound Mojca Presecnik 21. september 2011
HRTEM and image simulations of defects in pyrite (FeS2) Janez Zavasnik 19. september 2011
Development of silicon carbide based implants with improved biocompatibility and mechanical properties Katja Rade 15. julij 2011
Densification of SiC matrix in SiC(f)/Sic composites for fusion application Aljaz Ivekovic 13. julij 2011
Development of coatings on Ti6V4Al alloy for new generation bone implants with improved osseointegration Natasa Drnovsek 12. julij 2011
Anatase bipyramidal growth during hydrothermal synthesis Barbara Horvat 28. junij 2011
Toxicology of nanopowders Jana Petkovic
Nacionalni institut za biologijo, Ljubljana
2. junij 2011
Fe based magnetocalorics for high temperature cooling Benjamin Podmiljsak 23. maj 2011
Keramicne komponente in prevleke na osnovi SiC na kovinskih biomedicinskih vsadkih Sasa Novak Krmpotic 16. maj 2011
Fabrication, characterization and performances of individual nanowire-based devices Francisco Hernandez-Ramirez,
Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya (IREC), Barcelona
3. maj 2011
Trdno vezane prevleke iz TiO2: vizija, projekti, metode Goran Drazic 11. april 2011
Magnetizem v diamantu podobnem ogljiku, dopiranem s kromom Matej Komelj 4. april 2011
Biomimetic approach to prepare innovative materials for biomedical and technological applications Norberto Roveri, Dipartimento di Chimica ''G. Ciamician'', Lab. LEBSC, Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna, Italija 8. marec 2011
Processing and characterization of self-organized TiO2 nanotube arrays by anodization Kristina Zagar 28. februar 2011
Flexible DSSC solar cells Miran Ceh 14. februar 2011
Studies of twin boundaries in quartz, twinned after Japan twin law / Preiskave dvojcicne meje v kremenu, dvojcenem po japonskem dvojcicnem zakonu Alenka Lenart 10. februar 2011
EBSD - difrakcija povratno sipanih elektronov v vrsticnem elektronskem mikroskopu (SEM) Zoran Samardzija 31. januar 2011
Electrodeposition and characterization of Fe-Pd alloys Darja Pecko 24. januar 2011

High-resolution transmission electron microscopy and spectroscopy of core/shell nanostructures

Velimir Radmilovic
National Center for Electron Microscopy, Uni. California, ZDA
21. januar 2011
Elektroforetska depozicija sodobnih anorganskih materialov Katja Koenig 17. januar 2011
Magneti - Magnets Marko Soderznik 10. januar 2011
Termoelektriki in oksidni termoelektriki Mojca Presecnik 13. december 2010
Izdelava cevk iz varistorske keramike z vlivanjem Slavko Bernik 6. december 2010
Electrodeposited Fe-Pd-based magnetic nanostructures oz. Elektrokemijska sinteza nananostrukturnih magnetnih materialov na osnovi sistema Fe-Pd Kristina Zuzek Rozman 29. november 2010
Investigation of hydrogen reactivity with Ti-Fe-Ni metals Andraz Kocjan 22. november 2010
Mikrostruktura SiC vlaken po CVD postopku Tea Toplisek 9. november 2010
Analytical transmission electron microscopy Saso Sturm 25. oktober 2010
Sinteza ZnO tankih filmov Mateja Podlogar 19. oktober 2010
Au nanoparticles supported on CeO2, ZnO and TiO2 for CO oxidation Sonia Carabineiro, Laboratorio de Catalise e Materiais, Laboratorio Associado LSRE/LCM, Faculdade de Engenharia, Universidade do Porto 7. oktober 2010
Nano TiO2 v bioloskih sistemih Matej Skocaj 6. oktober 2010
Synthesis of anatase TiO2, its photocatalytic ability Barbara Horvat 15. september 2010
SiC ceramic for biomedical applications Katja Rade 14. september 2010
SiC-based composites for fusion applications Aljaz Ivekovic 13. september 2010
Controlled gel-sol synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticles from sodium titatanate and their application in photovoltaics Dejan Verhovsek
Cinkarna Celje, Celje
10. september 2010
Razstava slovenskih mineralov v Franciji Janez Zavasnik 5. julij 2010
Bioaktivne prevleke na ortopedskih in dentalnih vsadkih Sasa Novak 14. junij 2010
Minerali svincevo-cinkovega rudisca Mezica - predstavitev knjige Aleksander Recnik 7. junij 2010
Nanotribologija Matej Komelj 27. maj 2010
Uporaba analizne elektronske mikroskopije pri studiju procesa kristalizacije nanodelcev Goran Drazic 17. maj 2010
Electrodeposition and Characterization of FePd Magnetic Thin Films Darja Pecko 22. april 2010
TiO2 thin films fabrication by PLD Mersida Azdejkovic, Kemijski institut, Ljubljana 7. april 2010
Characterisation of electrodeposited Ni-Co, Ni-Fe and Ni-Mo powders Vladimir Jovic,
Institut za multidisciplinarne studije, Beograd, Srbija
18. marec 2010
Kvantitativna mikroanaliza tankih plasti Co-Pt Zoran Samardzija 15. marec 2010
Chemical surface  modification of single walled carbon nanotubes for the preparation of  nanostructured SWCNT/TiO2 photocatalysts Rita Marques,
University of Porto, Porto, Portugalska
11. marec 2010
Specific electron transport properties of Complex Metallic Alloys versus complexity Jean-Marie Dubois, Institute Jean Lamour, Nancy, France 10. marec 2010
Vpliv procesnih parametrov na rast BaTiO3 nanostruktur, karakterizacija in elektricne meritve Kristina Zagar 1. marec 2010
Feromagnetni materiali (z magnetnim oblikovnim
spominom) na osnovi sistema Fe-Pd
Kristina Zuzek Rozman 1. februar 2010
Quartz-kremen Alenka Lenart 11. januar 2010
DSSC soncne celice Miran Ceh 14. december 2009

Silicon carbide as potential material for bone scaffolds?

Katja Rade

23. november 2009

Prispevki za 17. konferenco o materialih in tehnologijah

Barbara Horvat, Aljaz Ivekovic, Darja Pecko in Marko Soderznik

12. november 2009

Synthesis of micro- and nano-sized ZnO
particles by hydrothermal treatment

Mateja Podlogar

26. oktober 2009
The effect of different substitutions on Gd5Si2Ge2 Benjamin Podmiljsak 16. junij 2009

Materials for active and passive solar technologies: from CuInS2 thin film polycristalline solar cells to CuS solar control coatings

Alberto Bollero, CIEMAT, Madrid, Spanija

10. junij 2009

Development of SiC/SiC composites for fusion applications

Aljaz Ivekovic

1. junij 2009

Hydrogen absorption in Ti-Zr-Ni alloys

Andraz Kocjan

29. maj 2009

TiO2 and DLA = Fractal growth of particles with Diffusion Limited Aggregation (DLA)

Barbara Horvat

18. maj 2009

Nanoscale engineering - challenges and future

Ajayan Pulickel,
Rice University, Houston, Texas, ZDA

6. maj 2009

Influence of synthesis parameters on processing and thermal properties of nano crystalline anatase powders produced by colloidal microwave hydrolysis

Elke Fuchs,
Universitaet Bayreuth, Bayreuth, Nemcija

4. maj 2009

SiC - material za prvo steno fuzijskega reaktorja: Iskanje novih idej za resevanje starih tezav

Sasa Novak Krmpotic
Goran Drazic

15. april 2009

Yttria-doped alumina - Getting personal

Saso Sturm

16. marec 2009

Interaction of Ca with alumina

Mehmet Ali Gulgun, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turcija

23. februar 2009

Re-thinking the hydrogen economy

Paul McGuiness

16. februar 2009

Investigating the Mechanism of Extended Phosphorescence in Rare-earth Co-doped Strontium

Cleva Ow-Yang, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turcija

4. februar 2009

A New Generation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells -
II. del

Mehmet Ali Gulgun, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turcija

3. februar 2009

A New Generation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells -
I. del

Mehmet Ali Gulgun, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turcija

2. februar 2009

Antibacterial properties of 4 different bioactive glasses

Natasa Drnovsek

28. januar 2009

Resevanje strukture alfa modifikacije Ba4Nb2O9

Aleksander Recnik

12. januar 2009

Influence of texture on electrical properties of ZnO-vased varistors

Ismail Ozgur Ozer, Anadolu University, Department for Materials Science and Engineering, Eskisehir, Turcija

15. december 2008

Transportne lastnosti v aproksimantu dekagonalnega kvazikristala Y-Al-Co-Ni

Matej Komelj

1. december 2008

Carbon materials in wet air oxidation processes

Helder Gomes, Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, Portugalska

12. november 2008

Karakterizacija monokristala PMN-PT z elektronsko mikroskopijo in mikroanalizo

Zoran Samardzija

10. november 2008

Analitska mikroskopija amorfnih in nanokristalinicnih prahov. Problemi in mozne resitve.

Goran Drazic

20. oktober 2008

Nanostructured catalytic materials for environmental and fine chemistry applications

Adrian Silva, Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, Potrugalska

16. oktober 2008

Elektronanasanje nanostrukturnih materialov na osnovi sistema Co-Pt

Kristina Zuzek Rozman

6. oktober 2008

Production of bulk nanostructured alumina ceramics by EPD

Katja Koenig

29. september 2008

Procesiranje Al2O3 membran

Kristina Zagar

22. september 2008

A review of corrosion studies of Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets

Gaolin Yan,
School of Physics & Technology, Wuhan University, Kitajska

17. september 2008

TiNiZr(Cu) alloys and their hydride forming ability

Andraz Kocjan

22. avgust 2008

Synthesis and characterization of SrTiO3 nanostructures

Kristina Zagar

23. maj 2008

Skrivnostni svet silicija, difuzijskih spojev in bioaktivnosti

Katja Rade

12. maj 2008

Oblikovanje sodobnih materialov z elektroforetsko depozicijo

Katja Koenig

5. maj 2008

Study of Ti-Zr-Ni-(Cu) alloys and hydride forming ability

Andraz Kocjan

21. april 2008

Mehansko tanjsanje vzorcev za TEM

Medeja Gec

7. april 2008

Analytical electron microscopy and electron-holography studies of in-situ-nitrogenated Sm-Fe-Ta magnetic nanospheres prepared by PLD

Saso Sturm

31. marec 2008

Predstavitev projekta ESTEEM

Miran Ceh

17. marec 2008

Uporaba varistorjev za zascito telekomunikacijskih sistemov

Slavko Bernik

10. marec 2008

Od goethit-a do bizmut ferit-a

Andreja Gajovic

25. februar 2008

ERA-NET evropski projekti

Paul McGuiness

18. februar 2008

Vrsticni elektronski mikroskop s katodo na poljsko emisijo. Predstavitev mikroskopa JEOL JSM-7001F

Zoran Samardzija

11. februar 2008

Porocilo z udelezbe: Industrial Workshop v okviru mreze odlicnosti KMM

Katja Rade in Kristina Zagar

5. februar 2008

Concentric electron probe method for quantitative chemical analysis of planar faults and grain boundaries on a sub-nanometer scale

Aleksander Recnik

4. februar 2008

Bioaktivna prevleka kostnih vsadkov iz Ti zlitin

Natasa Drnovsek

28. januar 2008

Sinteza nano-ZnO

Mateja Podlogar

21. januar 2008

SiC: material(i) za uporabo pri ekstremnih pogojih

Sasa Novak

14. januar 2008

Uvod v biomateriale

Katja Rade

7. januar 2008


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